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MD of PC Jansen Marine Agencies BV, agents for several international manufacturers of equipment to the offshore and marine industry.

What it is that I actually do – Part 3 – Commissioning of systems

Commissioning a system, basically is installing it offshore, testing it and hand it formally over (completely functional) to the client. This is one of the most exciting parts of my job, together with offshore maintenance work. Commissioning is the last … Continue reading

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When things go wrong – a look behind the scene of trouble shooting

When you read all the succes stories on social media, including LinkedIn, things tend never to go wrong. You only hear the good news. I am guilty as well; my post typically show the progress and succes in projects. Does … Continue reading

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What is it that I actually do – part 2- Before going offshore in the first place

In June 2018 I wrote a blog in which I described what kind of work I actually do, since for many of my friends it is kind of hard to imagine. The office part of my job sounds all too … Continue reading

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Maintaining our autonomous Aids to Navigation systems

Even though autonomous skids like the above, typically are a temporary Aids to Navigation (AtoN) solution, often our systems are deployed for more than a year. In general, unless specified differently by our clients, we design systems for which we … Continue reading

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What about fog signals? Are they still serving a purpose?

Audible fog signals have been around for centuries, warning seafarers for hazards ahead in foggy conditions. Initially ringing a bell, or firing a canon, later developed into the electronically powered fog signals we see today, such as the Tideland Signal … Continue reading

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Marine lantern design approaches

  I recently had an interesting discussion with an operator in the North Sea, about marking platforms and the costs of a complete Aids to Navigation system. We were talking ATEX, so that means that the costs double compared to safe … Continue reading

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What is it what I actually do?

Most of my friends and relatives find it hard to understand what I actually do for a living. Explaining them that I supply chains, hooks and related products for lifting, does ring a bell, but when I talk about the … Continue reading

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Visiting the Oleg Strashnov

In one of my first blogs, titled “A citizen of Lilliput in Gulliver’s World” in November 2010, I wrote about astonishing large man-made objects and made the following comment: ” I can’t wait to have a look or maybe visit the … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the mess

My first blog in ages, it’s been very busy since October 2012 and basically forgot I actually have a blog. Apologies to the captain and storekeeper of the Oleg Strashnov, as I promised to write a blog about my visit … Continue reading

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Bigger, better, tougher

In the offshore and (heavy) lifting industry boundaries are pushed constantly. We aim for deeper water, larger vessels, heavier lifts, explore the arctic and consequently need to adapt methods and equipment to withstand the brute forces of the environment. It … Continue reading

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