Visiting the Oleg Strashnov

In one of my first blogs, titled “A citizen of Lilliput in Gulliver’s World” in November 2010, I wrote about astonishing large man-made objects and made the following comment:

” I can’t wait to have a look or maybe visit the “Oleg Strashnov”, Seaway Heavy Lifting’s new heavy lifting vessel, as you can imagine.”

It took two years before I finally had the chance to visit the Oleg Strashnov, as it was berthed in the Eemshaven, about 40 kms from where I live.

I was actually very excited to visit the vessel, one of the largest single-hull heavy lifting vessels in the world, with a crane that has a staggering 5000 ton capacity. When driving to the Eemshaven it is very impressive to see the crane from miles away, rising above the buildings in the port.

One of the reasons to visit the Oleg Strashnov was to inspect the Yokohama fenders we supplied on behalf of FenderCare Marine. Then again, those fenders being original Yokohama’s, I had no doubt they would be in pristine condition. As far as I am aware, Seaway Heavy Lifting treat their equipment with great care, so the chances something would be wrong with the fenders, was tiny.

I was welcomed by captain Van Poppel and after a very pleasant meeting, he showed me the around the vessel and it is very impressive. I have seen heavy lifting vessels before, but it always amazes me how big they are and what they are capable of. The Oleg Strashnov appeals to me, due to its unique hull shape, while still remain a real ship. It is self-propelled and can move from a to b on its own power, unlike semi-submersibles (well, they can, but are not allowed to).

After showing me the internals of the vessel, captain Van Poppel handed me over to the storekeeper, Mr. Ritter and he showed me around the deck, the crane and gave me the opportunity to inspect the fenders (which were indeed in perfect condition).

It is mind-blowing to stand next to a 5000 tonnes crane, towering up over 132 meters above sea level. I got that feeling again of feeling tiny.

Everything is big about that vessel, the crane, the anchors, the anchor winches, the deck space and it allows them to do very interesting projects such as installation of jackets, top side, foundations, met masts and turbines. While still able to berth in smaller ports.

All in all, it was a fantastic visit and – even though it has been months ago by now – I thank the captain and the storekeeper for their very kind welcome and great tour around the vessel.

Little did I know back then, that I would visit the Strashnov a couple of times later this year and the vessel still amazes me. Hats off for the Oleg Strashnov and its crew.



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2 Responses to Visiting the Oleg Strashnov

  1. Ronnie Baas says:

    Yes, Capt van Poppel makes quite a impression!!

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