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Zen and the art of building a hyperfast computer

Santa Claus came early this year, even though I had to pay the bill. Apparently, even Santa is suffering from the financial crisis. Nevertheless, I get myself a new computer every three years, when the old one is written off. … Continue reading

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Snow is only frozen water

When I was young, I really liked the O’Neill brand. Had loads of T-shirts and sweaters from them and in winter time their slogan used to be: “Snow is only frozen water”. I remembered that phrase when traveling through the south … Continue reading

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The Deepwater Horizon accident continues on-shore

I read about the Deepwater Horizon accident a few hours after it started on April 20, 2010, I think in an e-mail letter of the Maritime Journal. The combination of a semi-sub, deepwater operations, a blow out, a possible spill … Continue reading

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